After School

In recent years numerous studies have been conducted on the benefits of After School in various countries. Research shows that quality After School Services have the potential to impact on: the children who attend; their families; the schools; employers; local communities; society, health and…

This self evaluation tool has been developed and organised in seven units, covering all of the essential elements of an effective school age programme as
identified by a range of researchers (see Halpern, 1999, 2000, Fashola, 2000, Eccles, 1999, Little, 2007, Moloney, 2007):

Developing School Age Childcare

In an Irish context, there is a need to provide a childcare facility to meet the care needs of children whose parents’ work or educational timetables are incompatible with school timetables. To fully address the gaps between school hours and the parents’ timetables, such a childcare service may be required to provide for the care needs of children before…