The 10 BEST Primary Schools In Ireland | Give Your Child QUALITY Education

Choosing a primary school for your child can be a difficult process, especially if you’ve never had to send one of your children to school before. Below, you’ll find information on the best primary schools in Ireland.

Any of these 10 schools should be a great fit for your student.

Top 10 Primary Schools In Ireland


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1. St. Patrick’s National School

While there are a number of primary schools in Dublin, this school has received particularly positive feedback from both parents and students. The staff at the school is highly qualified, and the school’s environment is designed to encourage learning.

Furthermore, the school offers many different extracurricular activities, like classical and acoustic guitar lessons and sport. The school has policies in place to ensure that all students remain safe while on school grounds.

In addition, the school has an anti-bullying policy. St. Patrick’s has many programs in place that are designed to benefit its students, such as science week and summer reading clubs.

2. Ranelagh Multi-Denominational School

Based in Dublin, this school is built on the principle that every student deserves equal respect. The school is child-centred and is run democratically.

The school is inclusive for all students, no matter what their race or religion is. The school has a strong anti-bullying policy, and education is taken seriously.

The core curriculum allows students to learn essential subjects while also focusing on topics like moral development and care of the environment. Religious education can be provided that is specific to a student’s denomination.

3. Irish Society’s Primary School

This Coleraine school is an excellent choice for any parent that is looking for a school with a music program. While the school provides a stellar education in essential subjects, it also focuses on music development.

Parents that need after school care will be able to place their children in the Mulberry Kids Club. The school offers a wide range of resources, and both parents and students will be able to benefit from these resources.

4. Drumnigh Montessori Primary School

If you’re interested in sending your child to a Montessori school in Ireland, the best option available to you is Drumnigh Primary School. This school follows the Montessori method and provides an environment that will allow young children to develop and thrive.

While at school, children will have the opportunity to study subjects like history, arithmetic, languages, and art. Because Montessori schools are designed around self-guided learning, children will have control over what they study and will learn to become independent learners.

5. Rockboro Primary School

The aim of this independent primary school is to inspire students to be the best that they can be in a nurturing and diverse environment. Located in Cork, this school works to serve the community around it as best it can.

The school offers an extensive curriculum that educates children on a number of subjects, including computer science, French, and the arts. Beyond that, parents have praised the school for its dedicated teachers and small class sizes.

6. St. Brigid’s Primary School

This primary school follows the national curriculum, providing a world-class education to students. Parents with children at this school report a high level of satisfaction with the school, and students are happy here as well.

The curriculum is designed to allow students to choose subjects to study, which makes children more excited about learning. Currently, a new school building is in the process of being built.

Construction on the building will be completed soon, and the new school will open its doors in September 2019. The new school building will have a number of amenities, including a large gym and a library.

7. Strandtown Primary School

Students that attend this school will have the ability to realize their own potential and develop a passion for learning. The school takes a number of measures to keep students safe, which means parents won’t have to worry while their children are at school.

The school also has its own podcast, which makes it easier for parents to keep up to date with what’s going on at school. Strandtown has a robust music program and a number of other extracurricular activities, including school trips to countries such as Holland.

8. Mary Queen of Ireland National School

This school, which officially opened its doors in September 1981, is one of the finest schooling options in the Rivermeade area. The staff at Mary Queen of Ireland work to remain connected with the parents of students, which ensures that every student can excel.

The school is devoted to keeping students happy and allowing them to thrive in a nurturing environment. The goal of the staff is to instill children with a love for learning that will follow them throughout their life.

9. Presentation Primary School

Located right in the centre of Kilkenny City, near St. Mary’s Cathedral, this school provides both a stellar education and a large selection of extracurricular activities. Students of this school can enjoy art, drama, sport, and a number of other activities.

The school regularly has visitors from the community, which can be highly enriching for students. For example, professional artists, athletes, and musicians have all made visits to the school. Both students and parents are satisfied with the experience that this school offers.

10. Queen of Angels Primary School

This school has been standing since 1981 and has been providing an education to students in the Sandyford Parish and Balally areas since then. It is well-staffed, with a total of 12 classroom teachers, as well as eight other teachers in additional roles.

The mission statement of the school is to provide students with a stimulating-yet-comfortable learning environment. The school has a zero-tolerance policy on bullying, and the staff works hard to ensure that every single student receives the care that they need.

The 10 best primary schools in Ireland go above and beyond to give children the education they deserve. Your child’s primary school education will prepare them for the rest of their life. Take the time to find a school that both you and your child will be completely satisfied with.