Best Private Schools in Ireland

Private schools contribute towards maintaining the tradition of a high educational standard of which Ireland is associated with. They are a combination of fee-paying and non-paying schools that promote the ideals and best practices of quality education. Among the lot, the best private schools in Ireland include:

Belvedere College, Dublin

This prestigious school has over one thousand students and is located on Great Denmark Street, Rotunda in Dublin. Founded in 1832, its motto is “Per vias rectas” which means “by straight ways or paths”. This Jesuit Secondary School is for boys only and adopts colours black and white. They have numerous alumni in politics, arts, business, science and sports.

Campbell College, Belfast

Belmont Road, Belfast is home to this fee-paying school founded in 1894. It is named after its Founder, Henry James Campbell, and remains one of the eminent schools of Northern Ireland. Campbell College doubles as preparatory department and an independent secondary school under the Voluntary B grammar school category. The colours of the school are black, white and green. “Ne Obliviscaris” is their motto and it means ” Do not forget”.

Blackrock College, Dublin

You will find this school on Rock Road, Intake, Dublin. It is one of the 5 schools owned by the Order. Presently, the school is run as a day and boarding school for boys only. Established since 1860, this private school is designed for boys who are between 13 and 18 years of age. The reason why it remains as a leading boarding school is simply because the school management focuses on the provision of an excellent student-focused educational experience.

Gonzaga College, Dublin

Over 500 students attend this secondary school with 84 classrooms. The Society of Jesus are the trustees of this independent Catholic school established for boys. It was founded in 1950 and located in Ranelagh, Dublin. The school is amazing and is synonymous with top grades in the country. Teachers in this day school are amazing as well.

Cistercian College. Roscrea

This private boarding school founded in 1905 is also known as Roscrea College. It is a Roman Catholic School for boys. They are known for their small class sizes being that the population is a mere 190. Their dedicated staff offer the students an unforgettable educational experience.

Ireland has some beautiful private schools with a few of them listed above. They support the National Schools in graduating students that are well-grounded educationally.

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