The 10 BEST Business Schools in Ireland | Get The BEST Degree Program

Ireland is a beautiful country in the form of an island in the North Atlantic. Located close to Great Britain, it is the second largest island located in the British Isles.

Because Ireland is a popular country that receives over 10 million visitors a year, it is a prime place to receive a quality degree in business.

In addition, students who go for a Business degree in Ireland do so in a location that gives them easy access to opportunities not only in the UK, such as London, but also in major countries in Europe such as Germany, France, and Italy.

Indeed some students who receive a Business degree in Ireland choose to pursue job opportunities in Ireland, while others choose to work in Europe or elsewhere.

A business school or a business program is one that offers undergraduate or graduate programs in business-related studies such as economics, management, finance, and more.

There are many schools in Ireland offering quality business programs, as well as the opportunity to receive an MBA.

What is an MBA or Masters of Business Administration? Receiving an MBA is desirable for many business students in Ireland because the degree affords an individual to advance in his or her chosen business field.

If you choose to pursue a Business degree in Ireland, you’ll want to attend one of the top Business schools in Ireland.

The reason is not only so that you receive a top education, but also because business executives often look at where a candidate went to the school when deciding who to hire.

Here is a list of the top 10 Business schools in Ireland.

List Of the Top 10 BUSINESS Schools In Ireland

Picture of Best Business School Ireland


1. Dublin City University Business School

The Dublin City University Business School, recognized by AACSB, prides itself on forming its programs with a focus on people, economies, organizations, and economies. The class sizes are small, and its graduate program has been successful in launching careers.

Both its undergraduate and graduate programs are fully accredited. A full-time undergraduate program is offered; part-time and full-time graduate programs are offered, and executive education is offered.

2. University of Limerick – Kemmy Business School

There are over 3,000 students and over 100 faculty and staff at the Kemmy Business School, one of the largest business schools in Ireland. The school was renovated in 2008 to a state-of-the-art facility.

Many opportunities are available at Kemmy including undergraduate, postgraduate, executive, corporate MBA, doctoral, and research.

3. Dublin Institute Of Technology College Of Business

The College of Business at Dublin Institute of Technology, one of the oldest business schools in Ireland, is located in the busy section of Dublin city. There are over 5,000 students at the college over a wide range of ages and backgrounds.

The programs are student-centered, and the goal is to prepare graduates for serving the community locally, nationally or internationally. The college has part-time and full-time programs for undergraduate and post-graduate, as well as an executive MBA program.

4. University College Cork – College Of Business And Law

The College of Business school of University College Cork is both nationally and internationally recognized. The College of Business includes accounting, economics, executive education, finance, food business and development, management, marketing, and business information systems.

5. IMI Irish Management Institute

The Irish Management Institute, founded by business leaders, the goal is to create leaders for the future. IMI merged with the University of College Cork in 2016.

6. National University Of Ireland – Galway – J.E. Cairnes School Of Business & Economics

The National University of Ireland was founded in 1845 with a total of 68 students. It is ranked as one of the top one percent in the world. The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in marketing, management, accounting and finance, and more.

7. Trinity Business School of Trinity College Dublin

The Trinity Business School sits in the busy city of Dublin. The campus is listed among the top 500 in the Lonely Planet guide. Founded in 1925, the school has played a large role in bringing the MBA to Europe.

The business offers a wide range of programs. These programs include undergraduate, masters, MBA, doctoral, executive, and post-graduate accounting.

8. Griffith College Dublin

The Griffith College of Dublin was founded in 1974 and has thousands of students. In addition to the Dublin campus, there are also campuses in Cork and in Limerick.

The business classes include full-time programs such as a BA in Business and part-time programs such as Administration and Office skills.

9. UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business

UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business is a globally ranked and prestigious school that recruits leading academics for business learning. The school offers courses in accounting, banking, and finance, management, marketing and more.

At least 84 percent of the school’s graduates are employed within six months which is a higher percentage than many other schools that offer similar programs.

10. IBAT College Dublin

IBAT College, founded in 2004, specializes in Business as well as IT, Tourism, Sports, and more. Its faculty is highly experienced with years of lecturing experience. The school, that has small class sizes, offers undergraduate, postgraduate, professional, and executive classes.

A number of business courses are offered to receive a degree including a BA in Business, diplomas in Front Office Management, Human Resource Management, and more.

No matter what school you choose in Ireland, be sure to do your homework. Decide what area of business who want to pursue, and then ensure that the school you want to attend offers the exact kind of program that you’re seeking.

There are qualifications that you must meet in order to attend one of the top 10 business schools or business programs in Ireland. Ensure that you arrange a consultation with the school of your choice to visit the campus and to determine what you need to do to qualify for admission.

No school is able to admit everyone person who applies. So position yourself competitively by reading all material about the school and preparing yourself for admission.

What Are The 10 BEST Secondary Schools In Ireland? | Our Top Picks

What are the 10 best secondary schools in Ireland? If you’re wondering this, then you’re likely either a parent looking to do your kid right in terms of education, or you might even be a young person yourself that might have some say or choice in where you go.

Ranking the top 10 isn’t an easy task, necessarily, given how subjective it can be. Graduation rates are certainly an objective measure of success of a school for some, but how much a school costs can also be a concrete source of stress or concern.

Notable former pupils can give any school prestige, but the decision can quickly get complicated when things like location, costs, and the possibility of boarding or lack thereof all get taken into consideration.

Still, for all the complexity in the process of sorting, there are 10 secondary schools in Ireland that stand out as the best over the rest. Here they are:

List Of The TOP 10 Secondary Schools In Ireland


Picture Of Secondary School Ireland

10) Coláiste Ghobnait:

This school is known for two things. First of all, it’s rocketing up quite a few lists of the best secondary schools Ireland has to offer. Second, it’s one of the smallest.

At the time of writing, this school which is located on Inis Oirr of the Aran Islands only had 27 pupils. There were three more boys than girls in a very exclusive school that obviously not many get into.

9) Belvedere College:

Ian Keatley and Cian Healy are just two of the more than two dozen Irish rugby internationals whose educational paths passed through this school.

The college’s track record of famous and successful pupils also includes Brian Lenihan, a former finance minister; Ger Brennan, a Dublin football star; and Cathal Pendred, the UFC columnist for the Irish Mirror. Attendance at this school runs about €5,000 annually.

8) St Munchin’s College:

Going over a list of past pupils for this Corbally college in Limerick will show you many familiar names from Munster Rugby.

This school opened its gates for the first time back in 1796, and since then, Jerry Flannery, Keith Earls, and Donncha Ryan have all attended. This non-fee paying schools no longer has boarding available, as the dorms were shut in 2004.

7) Blackrock College:

This school is another one that’s had a number of famous pupils move through its system in the past, particularly in the sport of rugby. Hugo McNeill and Fergus Slattery are both famous names from the sport to have attended here.

More recently, the school has had Luke Fitzgerald, Leo Cullen, and Brian O’Driscoll come through. Right now, the school costs as much as €17,250 per year for attendance.

6) Glenstal Abbey School:

This Limerick school has an 80-year history, but recently had more students than ever, with more than two hundred attendings. Day board runs €10,600, and seven-day boarding is as much as €17,950.

However, this school is well-known for having John M. Kelly, a former government minister, as a former pupil and testament to their success.

5) Campbell College:

Day tuition here runs more than €3,000, while boarding is nearly six times as much. As with other schools on this list, this particular school has notable former players that went on to play for Ulster following their graduation.

They include names like Chris Farrell, Paddy Wallace, and James McKinney.

4) Clongowes Wood College:

Fees run high here, in excess of €16,800. However, the school is renown for its rugby success, as its won the Leinster Senior Cup at least eight times as well as five wins for the Leinster Junior Cup too.

Notable former pupils who played rugby included Gordon D’Arcy, Fergus McFadden, Rob Kearney, and Dave Kearney. Not all of this school’s famous ex-pupils are known for rugby though, as Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Ryanair, also attended here.

3) Cistercian College:

This Roscrea school also has a strong tradition in rugby, having won the ward of Leinster Rugby School of the Year in 2015. However, rugby stars aren’t the only evidence of the quality of this school.

Former pupils include former Taoiseach Brian Cowen and Willie Mullins, an Irish Champion National Hunt trainer.

2) Gonzaga College:

This school is a fee-establishment, but the €5,000 is certainly cheaper than other schools on this list. It’s a boy’s school and widely considered the best such school in the country.

Former students include Irish rugby internationals, high court judges, and politicians. Former Tanaiste Michael McDowell and Barry Bresnihan, a former player for both the Lions and Ireland, are among the notable pupils.

1) Laurel Hill Colaiste FCJ:

This non-fee-paying girl’s school tops the list, based on several factors. First of all, it’s the only one of many non-fee-paying schools to get ranked highly each year for every year going back more than a decade.

That level of sustainable success is a good explanation for why 96.4 percent of its students wind up moving on to either an institute of technology or university.

In the country of Ireland, education is theoretically free to every student. While there are non-fee-paying schools on this list, it’s also true that wealthy and affluent families can still afford good educations for their young more so than other families.

At the same time, fee-paying schools are noticing a decline lately, which indicates that the non-fee educational establishments are doing quite well.

Also, the number of schools accepting boarding students seems to also be in a general decline, and a number of boarding schools have started accepting daytime students as a way to increase revenue and stabilize their operations.

Given all of this, you certainly have a wide variety of choices in secondary schools across Ireland. Many of them obviously have strong traditions of turning out successful rugby players, but others have created leaders, politicians, and successful corporate executives.

Regardless of what career field or path in life you would like to pursue, one or more of the schools on this list is likely to be helpful to you. Also, there are many schools that almost made this list that are still great.

The 10 BEST Primary Schools In Ireland | Give Your Child QUALITY Education

Choosing a primary school for your child can be a difficult process, especially if you’ve never had to send one of your children to school before. Below, you’ll find information on the best primary schools in Ireland.

Any of these 10 schools should be a great fit for your student.

Top 10 Primary Schools In Ireland


Picture of Best Primary School Ireland

1. St. Patrick’s National School

While there are a number of primary schools in Dublin, this school has received particularly positive feedback from both parents and students. The staff at the school is highly qualified, and the school’s environment is designed to encourage learning.

Furthermore, the school offers many different extracurricular activities, like classical and acoustic guitar lessons and sport. The school has policies in place to ensure that all students remain safe while on school grounds.

In addition, the school has an anti-bullying policy. St. Patrick’s has many programs in place that are designed to benefit its students, such as science week and summer reading clubs.

2. Ranelagh Multi-Denominational School

Based in Dublin, this school is built on the principle that every student deserves equal respect. The school is child-centred and is run democratically.

The school is inclusive for all students, no matter what their race or religion is. The school has a strong anti-bullying policy, and education is taken seriously.

The core curriculum allows students to learn essential subjects while also focusing on topics like moral development and care of the environment. Religious education can be provided that is specific to a student’s denomination.

3. Irish Society’s Primary School

This Coleraine school is an excellent choice for any parent that is looking for a school with a music program. While the school provides a stellar education in essential subjects, it also focuses on music development.

Parents that need after school care will be able to place their children in the Mulberry Kids Club. The school offers a wide range of resources, and both parents and students will be able to benefit from these resources.

4. Drumnigh Montessori Primary School

If you’re interested in sending your child to a Montessori school in Ireland, the best option available to you is Drumnigh Primary School. This school follows the Montessori method and provides an environment that will allow young children to develop and thrive.

While at school, children will have the opportunity to study subjects like history, arithmetic, languages, and art. Because Montessori schools are designed around self-guided learning, children will have control over what they study and will learn to become independent learners.

5. Rockboro Primary School

The aim of this independent primary school is to inspire students to be the best that they can be in a nurturing and diverse environment. Located in Cork, this school works to serve the community around it as best it can.

The school offers an extensive curriculum that educates children on a number of subjects, including computer science, French, and the arts. Beyond that, parents have praised the school for its dedicated teachers and small class sizes.

6. St. Brigid’s Primary School

This primary school follows the national curriculum, providing a world-class education to students. Parents with children at this school report a high level of satisfaction with the school, and students are happy here as well.

The curriculum is designed to allow students to choose subjects to study, which makes children more excited about learning. Currently, a new school building is in the process of being built.

Construction on the building will be completed soon, and the new school will open its doors in September 2019. The new school building will have a number of amenities, including a large gym and a library.

7. Strandtown Primary School

Students that attend this school will have the ability to realize their own potential and develop a passion for learning. The school takes a number of measures to keep students safe, which means parents won’t have to worry while their children are at school.

The school also has its own podcast, which makes it easier for parents to keep up to date with what’s going on at school. Strandtown has a robust music program and a number of other extracurricular activities, including school trips to countries such as Holland.

8. Mary Queen of Ireland National School

This school, which officially opened its doors in September 1981, is one of the finest schooling options in the Rivermeade area. The staff at Mary Queen of Ireland work to remain connected with the parents of students, which ensures that every student can excel.

The school is devoted to keeping students happy and allowing them to thrive in a nurturing environment. The goal of the staff is to instill children with a love for learning that will follow them throughout their life.

9. Presentation Primary School

Located right in the centre of Kilkenny City, near St. Mary’s Cathedral, this school provides both a stellar education and a large selection of extracurricular activities. Students of this school can enjoy art, drama, sport, and a number of other activities.

The school regularly has visitors from the community, which can be highly enriching for students. For example, professional artists, athletes, and musicians have all made visits to the school. Both students and parents are satisfied with the experience that this school offers.

10. Queen of Angels Primary School

This school has been standing since 1981 and has been providing an education to students in the Sandyford Parish and Balally areas since then. It is well-staffed, with a total of 12 classroom teachers, as well as eight other teachers in additional roles.

The mission statement of the school is to provide students with a stimulating-yet-comfortable learning environment. The school has a zero-tolerance policy on bullying, and the staff works hard to ensure that every single student receives the care that they need.

The 10 best primary schools in Ireland go above and beyond to give children the education they deserve. Your child’s primary school education will prepare them for the rest of their life. Take the time to find a school that both you and your child will be completely satisfied with.

An Overview of the Irish Education System

The Irish education system dates back to the 18th century when Irish Catholics were not allowed to have schools by the penal codes, set up the hedge schools which were mainly secret operations. However with time the hedge schools would later be accepted and grow into the modern 21st century schools although with a better defined system.

Children are introduced to the system at the age of 4 years and progress with the system until at least the age of 16 years or having undertaken the junior certificate examination. At this period, education is compulsory to all children between those ages.


With modern families who have all parents working and have little time to home-school their children, the rise of pre-school education. Childrens who haven’t attained school going years are enrolled in playschools and Montessori schools among others. These schools are privatized and are run in a business manner.

Primary schools

Primary education runs for a period of 8 years and the eight year categories are; junior infants, senior infants and first class-sixth class. Majority of the students in primary schools are between the ages of 4 years to 13 years. Students are taught based on the primary school curriculum and this is followed across all schools. Lessons for the junior and senior infants start at 9:00am -1:30pm while for the older children the duration is 9:00am – 3:00pm.

Primary education is culminated by the primary certificate examination.

Secondary schools

At this level, students are involved in three cycles, the junior cycle, transition year and the senior cycle. The junior cycle runs for three years and culminates with the junior certificate examination. This examination can’t be undertaken before attaining an age of fourteen years. In the junior cycle education is majored on what was learned in the primary schools and students take their examinations on all the subjects offered.

After the junior school, students proceed to the transition year which is their fourth year in the secondary education. The fourth year depends on schools thus it can either be compulsory, optional or totally unavailable in some schools. The content covered in this year is decided by the school and the students desires.

After the transition year, students join the senior cycle which lasts for two years culminating into the leaving certificate examination. This cycle tends to build more on the education received in the junior cycle.

Third level education

This is the education offered by colleges, universities, institutes of technology and other national institutions. This is not compulsory and is eligible to students who have done the leaving certificate examination.

Special needs education

The Irish education system factors in special education in order to help the disadvantaged students and those from extremely poor backgrounds. A special needs assistant is employed to the schools in order to look after the students who require extra attention.

Where Does Ireland Rank in Education

There is no basis for making an argument that Ireland does not have a high standard of education. The question should rather be: “Where does Ireland rank in education?” A comparison with Universities of other countries remains the best way to learn if there are areas improve on and those in which the nation is doing well.  Here is a look at the top ranking countries in education.

Recent rankings reveal that Irish Universities are 19th on the log out of the 50 countries they were compared against. The country has held this position for three straight years now – 2016 to 2018. The difference in this ranking is that it does not focus on individual universities; rather, an assessment is made based on the broader systems of each country.

With an average of 64.8%, the country cannot be said to be doing badly. The United States seats comfortably on top of the pile and remain the benchmark for other countries. The higher education systems of each nation are compared using four main factors:

  1. Resources: This is one area where Ireland went one step backwards. They dropped from 25th from 2017 under this category to 30th in 2018. Switzerland blazed the trail in this category and Ireland needs to learn a thing or two from them to stand any chance of ranking better in future. What this means is that the Irish government needs to invest more in the higher education system to match its national wealth. Fundings like this will go a long way to improve research and development.
  2. System Strength: This is a combination of all the scores garnered by Irish Universities that are ranked 700 and above. This is a collective effort to help make comparisons with other countries. So, it is not just a case of having a single university rank high in the country while the others suffer.
  3. Access: Universities ranked within the top 500 globally are considered under this category. The number of places available is divided by the square root of the population. Some more work needs to be done here as well.
  4. Flagship Institution: This takes into account the performance of a country’s highest ranked institution. The assumption is that it reflects how others should perform.

There is some more work to be done if Ireland is hoping to rank higher in future. The recent rankings mark a fall in global ranking and there is an urgent need to buck this trend. With a little more effort it can be achieved.