The Cost of a Degree at Trinity College in Dublin

Easily recognizable as Ireland’s leading University, Trinity College located in Dublin offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses across various fields of the arts and sciences. The cost of a degree at Trinity College in Dublin is justified by the number of fine men and women it adds to Ireland’s labour force annually. Operating under a public-private partnership, the College remains a private not-for-profit company.

To gain an insight into what it costs to get a degree here, the fees associated with some courses are listed below:

  1. Bachelor in Business Studies: The duration of this course spans a period of 4 years. To qualify, a candidate is expected to score a minimum of 6.5 in IELTS or 90 in TOEFL exams. Tuition fee for your first year in this category is $21,480.
  2. B. A. I. in Computer Engineering: In this field, candidates are also expected to spend 4 years if they get a minimum of 6.5 in IELTS and 90 in TOEFL exams. The first year tuition fee is higher than that of Business Studies as candidates are required to pay the sum of $27,900.
  3. B.A. (Mod) Computer Science: Trinity College still maintains its minimum entry requirement in this category. Just like the other undergraduate courses, candidates are required to put in 4 years of study. The fee is the same as that of Computer Engineering at $27,900.
  4. M. Sc in Economics: This postgraduate course has a duration of one year. Interested candidates need to make a minimum of 6.5 in IELTS and 90 in TOEFL exams. A tuition fee of $19,910 is what the college requires of a candidate.
  5. M. Sc Pharmaceutical Sciences: The College offers this postgraduate course for candidates who have met the minimum requirement stated in the other courses. This one-year course will cost a student $21,945.
  6. M. Sc Finance: Another fine course offered by the institution upon satisfaction of its basic entry requirement which is similar to the other courses. It is expected to last for only a year with the sum of $23,105 charged a candidate.
  7. M. Sc. in Interactive Digital Media: This happens to be the course with the least fee at $17,150. Candidates are also subject to the same requirement as is applicable in the other courses for a duration of one year.

The list of courses on offer at Trinity College Dublin listed above gives an idea of what it costs to get a degree from this institution. The least one-year tuition fee is $17,000 while the maximum is pegged at $28, 000.

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